about us

We started Dwell in 2014 with humble beginnings in a tiny old house on the edge of Old Town. We knew little about craft coffee but knew we wanted to meet people, build relationships and put a smile one someones face.

In late 2015 Dwell expanded into downtown Old Town (thanks to our loyal following!) and we started really honing in on our craft. We traveled the country visiting coffee shops and roasters from the east coast to the west coast. What a beautiful community the coffee culture is!.

Dwell jumped on the biscuit train (is that a thing? Is now!) in 2016. While on one of our trips we stopped by a breakfast joint that featured biscuits. When we took our first bite we knew immediately that biscuits was something we wanted to add to what we were doing at Dwell. Coffees perfect pairing? Breakfast...a biscuit breakfast! So when we arrived back home we went head first into the biscuit world. And we haven't looked back.

With every pour and every biscuit we aim to serve you in any way we can. We believe if you leave with a smile on your face then we've done our job. And we truly want you to have the BEST. DAY. EVER.